Shipping Policy

Due to Covid-19, you may experience longer than normal shipping delays. Estimated approximately 10-14 business days for non perishable items. Note that if the item is a perishable item and is not received within 4 days after it has been shipped, DO NOT CONSUME!!!! Contact us if this may happen Please allow a 5-7 day turn around time after purchase for product to be produced allow 2-4 days after shipping to receive your your item (NORMAL SHIPPING FOR PERISHABLE ITEMS IS 1-4 BUSINESS DAYS. ALL PERISHABLE ITEMS ARE SHIPPED ON MONDAY and/or Tuesday each week. IF MONDAY or Tuesday IS ON A HOLIDAY, IT WILL BE SHIPPED THE NEXT FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY.) Consuming perishable items past the 4 day time frame, after tracking has been emailed can result in the integrity of the product and or the consistency of the ingredients which may be harmful to the digestive system. Perishable products may contain food allergens such as soy, wheat, dairy, and nuts. This information is made visible on the packaging.